travis warnick

Travis Warnick

(801) 402-6800
t neilson

Terrie Nielson

Office Manager
(801) 402-6800
sam demonja

Sam Demonja

Assistant Principal
(801) 402-6800

c waite

Curtis Waite

Facility Manager
(801) 402-6800
Erin Stumo Picture

Erin Stumo

Assistant Principal
 (801) 402-6800

picture of officer Lance Call
Lance Call
School Resource Officer
(801) 402-6800

Contact Information


Main Office: 801-402-6800
Attendance: 801-402-6805
Fax:  801-402-6801

Office Hours:  7:30 am - 3:30 pm
Head Secretary:  Terrie Nielson

School Directory


  • This school employs individuals holding an LEA-specific educator license, license areas, and/or endorsements
  • The following designations or levels apply to educator licenses, license areas (i.e.-elementary, secondary, special education), and content endorsements (i.e.-mathematics, music, Spanish, social studies):
    • Percentage of the FTE that is fully qualified for their assignment:  Fully qualified means the educator has a current professional license and professional license areas and endorsements for their assignments.
    • Percentage of FTE that is partially qualified for their assignment:  Partially Qualified means the educator has an associate license/license area or endorsement in their assignment.  This includes professionally licensed educators who have received associate level license area/endorsements. 
    • Percentage of FTE that is not qualified for their assignment:  This includes educators without a current license, educators teaching on an LEA specific or a professional or associate educator teaching outside their area.  All LEA specific licenses fall into this category.    
  • As of 2/23/22, this school employs educators with the following types of licensure:
    • Fully Qualified – 88%
    • Partially Qualified – 7%
    • Not Qualified – 5%
  • Individual educator credentials are public information and may be found here:


Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare students for a complex, changing world by helping them grow in mind, body, and character.