Busses and Cars

Each day many vehicles enter and exit the parking lots at Syracuse Junior High School. In order to ensure a safe and efficient process, students and parents must cooperate together with safety being the number one consideration.

Busses - To find out if a student is eligible for bussing, please log on to the Student Information System by logging on to myDSD.  Select the Student Information System, then Report Tools/Transportation Information tabs. Bussing information should be available after August 15, prior to the beginning of school each year.

Space Available on Busses - Each year, the District Transportation Department identifies bus routes for students, whose walking distance to the school is further than the 2 miles specified by state law.  Occasionally, there are students who live within the "walking zone" near established bus routes or stops who would like to ride a bus. These students may apply to the office within the first two weeks of school for "space available" seating. If there are enough empty seats to accommodate the requests, students who made the request will be granted a space on the bus. If there are more requests than open seats, the school will conduct a drawing and notify all interested students and families of the results.

Information regarding bussing can also be obtained by clicking on to the District link entitled, DSD Transportation or by calling 801-402-7500.

Cars - By clicking the link entitled, Bus & Car Map, parent drivers can learn the drop off and pickup patterns for both cars and busses.

Student Drivers? Each year, several 9th grade students turn 16 and receive their drivers licenses. Syracuse Junior High School does not have a student parking lot, nor does policy allow Syracuse students to drive on campus. Students with drivers licenses who drive to school, must plan accordingly and make arrangements to park their cars off campus.